Brain and Emotional Intelligence

Our human brain is a self-organizing experience memory. 

The renowned neuroscientist Antonio Damasio assumes that experience is evaluated following the very simple principle “good for me / bad for me” – “approximate / avoid” – “plus / minus”.

The whole range of emotions finally emerges from this “plus / minus” assessment taking place within the limbic system: a bundle of the evolutionarily oldest structures of the brain crisscrossing it entirely. The limbic system assesses what the brain does. As a result we experience accompanying feelings that warn us of certain actions and influence our action planning.

Thus emotions are focused experiences. Without emotions no rational action is possible. In a nutshell: we humans are emotional and rational beings. We evaluate the results of actions rationally and reasonably. However, feelings also play an essential role  in this process.

The concept of emotional intelligence takes this into account.

It is not about facing the world as emotionally as possible. Emotional intelligence means to balance our biologically based emotions and reason: for a happy and successful life!