Why is health prevention important for you & your business?

Identify liability risks.

In the case of a mental illness

of an employee and the absence of / or inadequate prevention the employer could be threatened with financial claims for reimbursement by professional associations or the Health & Safety Committee.

Reduce costs & sick days.

Reduce sick days and therefore personnel costs in the company:

Mental stress, emotional attachment to the company and sick days are directly related. News from the GALLUP study “Engagement Index 2014”

Currently only include about 15% of employees to those employees who have a high commitment to the company.

More than 85% of employees have resigned inwardly or make only “work to rule”. They have an average of 5 days of absence per year more than the emotionally bound employees.

Stay efficient & fit.


By learning to recognize and avoid mental hazards.

We offer regular information sessions, seminars and workshops for directors and employees.

We support and mediate smaller and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) pragmatic, practical and with a clear cost-benefit focus on how to keep your employees productive and mentally fit and thereby meet the legal requirements.

We carry out risk assessments, assist you in analysing their results and the implementation of measures taken.